Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Went to Stanley Park and celebrated halloween with fireworks along with Chris, Landon, Sean, Val, Crystal & Katie. Here is a picture of Katie & I bundled up to face the cold winter. It was -5. We drank lots of hot chocolate at Chris & Landon's.It was a nice night.

Media Club

Went to Media Club Open Mic tonight to see fabulous Vanessa play. She's so talented and she blows my mind everytime. It was great to hang out with Andrea, Katie, Corey & Vanessa. The ol' McCow crew. It was another lovely night in the city in Vancouver.
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

parade of lost souls

Tonight Alisha, Peter, Steph & Pete & I went to the parade of lost souls on commercial drive. As you can see, I was a robot. Peter was a Wizard. Alisha was some sort of white trash mechanic. Steph was a 80's goth-rock princess. And her Pete was a farmer?

It was a ridiculous amount of fun. I was a big hit with the little kids. I must have taken about 100 pictures with little children, and shaken at least 20 little hands (the other 80 were afraid of me).

People were really into the costumes, and there were thousands of people walking the streets. I love it when communities can come together and everyone can participate in an event that is both fun and appropriate for all ages. The respect, consideration and sense of humour people showed was inspiring. It makes me proud to live in this city. It also made me really appreciate the car free streets. I definitely support the idea of a car-free commercial drive. But I'll leave green politics for another, more serious post.

Later, we met up with Trent, Francois & Hana. It was a blast. And thankfully the nice police officer didn't arrest either Francois or me. Thanks for the warning kind police officer!

I rate this evening an A+. All the photos are posted here. Posted by Picasa

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