Monday, June 18, 2007


today while walking up my street I was attacked by a crow... again. I think the puffy ball of hair poking out of the top of my head looks like the makings of a cosy nest. Crows simply cannot get enough of it. But unlike the others, this crow was angry, and did not want me to go near the gate of my house. It just repeatedly flew at my poor head until some bystanders helped me scare it away.

One of the crow-scaring helpers said "Last week my girlfriend said she got dive bombed by a crow, but I didn't believe her until now."

Anyway, it was scary and from now on I'm coming through the alley.

the Swedish word of the day is kråka, which means crow.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

bil fri

IMG_8068, originally uploaded by sinja.

Today was the annual car free commercial drive celebration. The streets were closed to cars and instead were filled with pedestrians, bikes, food vendors, drummers and dancers. It was great to see a broad sampling of the community, and surrounding areas come together for a great time. The crowd was full of energy and there was a lot to see. Apparently last year 24,000 people made it out to the festivities. I'm interested to see what the count was for today! Very fun! I will really miss this neighbourhood when I'm living in Sweden.

bil fri means free of cars in Svenska.

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