Sunday, October 28, 2007

Flex in Vienna

vienna 2, originally uploaded by traceylikesyou.

We went back to the apartment after Cafe Central and got ready for another crazy night out in Vienna. Vanessa was partied out, and stayed behind. After wandering the streets until 1am Karolina, Alex and I finally found the coolest drum'n'bass night ever at a club called Flex. We met lots of very handsome, very interested Viennese guys. I am totally in love with the people of Vienna. They are so laid-back, fun, friendly and cool. It's the breath of fresh air I needed after spending the last few months in reserved, unfriendly, socially-austere Stockholm. Karolina was tired at 1:30am and headed back to the Soet's apartment but Alex and I danced until 5am.

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