Thursday, October 04, 2007


Stockholm, originally uploaded by traceylikesyou.

I have officially lived in Stockholm for 41 days. It seems like much longer. Moving away from Vancouver was difficult. I miss home, I miss friends, family and regular Canadian things. I thought I'd never feel comfortable here - my Swedish is abysmal and I'm constantly awkward and embarrassed about even the most simple things. But I've done so much I wouldn't have done in Vancouver. I'm out here on my own. I've found friends and started to gather a whole new life around myself! I've pushed my personal boundaries, experienced the entire range of possible emotions. but Suddenly, I'm happy again and everything is going to be okay - just a little more Swedish.


  1. Välkommen till Sverige!

    (Nej, du känner inte mig. Jag minns inte varför jag började läsa din blogg för något år sedan. Jag hittade den med Google...)

    Jag har två vänner som just flyttat till Kanada... ;)

  2. Tack så mycket! Jag förstår lite svenska, men jag pratar jätte lite svenska. Engelska nästa gang, snälla?

  3. Sorry! I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I'm more used to people begging for more chances to practise their Swedish.

    If you want a translation, just holler! :)

  4. Tjena...a random hello from another Vancouver kid in Stockholm. Been here just over two years. Was looking for pics from the Feist concert at Cirkus and stumbled across yours on flickr. Just thought I'd say hi. If you need any advice or just need to vent a little about life over here, drop me a line sometime.



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